Bad Bunny’s Instagram Live: Highlights

At one point, his Live reached a whopping 320,000 viewers, beating out Drake and Tory Lanez.

Bad Bunny surprised his fans over the weekend with an epic Instagram Live that took place at 9:00 p.m. ET on Saturday (May 2).

“I will be thanking you personally before the world ends and listening to the album YHLQMDLG] really drunk with you,” the Puerto Rican artist announced on his feed moments before. He also promised to share new music that “hasn’t come out and perhaps never will.”

With a drink in hand, Bad Bunny kicked off his live dancing to classic bachata hits before telling his fans he was going to play his album in the order of his favorite songs. His Daddy Yankee-assisted track “La Santa” was atop his list, revealing to fans that the song was not going to come out at all if Daddy Yankee did not jump on the track. He followed with “Bichiyal” and “La Dificil.”

Bunny’s IG Live lasted more than three-hours long with over 250K viewers connected at all times. At one point, his Live reached 320K viewers, beating out Drake and Tory Lanez.

From dancing with his girlfriend to teasing new music, here are some emblematic moments you missed from Bad Bunny’s Instagram Live.

He played his entire YHLQMDLG album

As an official thank you to his fans and the album’s success, Bad Bunny decided to play all 20 songs from his album YHLQMDLG, which dropped on Leap Day this year. He opted to play the songs in order of his favorites, as opposed to the track list order. “La Santa,” “Bichiyal,” and “La Dificil” are on top of his list.

He shared anecdotes about his songs

Not only did Bunny sing his songs and dance to them, but he also shared interesting anecdotes about his album. His trap song “P FKN R” with Arcangel and Kendo Kaponi, for example, was the last track to make it onto the set. In fact, Kendo jumped on the track just 48 hours before the album was released.

He put new talent on our radar

Bad Bunny also put new artists and producers on our radars, such as Mora, Nesi, and Súbelo Neo, who all form part of the production.

He danced with his girlfriend

Bad Bunny saved the best for last when he sounded “Safaera” and grabbed his girlfriend to dance with her. In their living room set, the couple is seen perreando to the entire track. During this time, more than 300K viewers connected to his live.

He presented new music

After he streamed the entire album, Bad Bunny presented new music, which he expressed on Instagram have not been released and may never come out. Listen to them below.

He deleted his Instagram live

After being connected for over three hours, Bad Bunny signed off and didn’t save his live to his story or IGTV. He then headed to Twitter to repost some of his favorite memes and thank his fans. “Thank you, there won’t be another live on my behalf until next year,” he tweeted.