'Basketball Wives' Star Tami Roman Calls Out 'The Real' for Being Messy

Tami Roman is taking on The Real after the daytime talk show apparently called her out for talking about Kim Kardashianís recent, Instagram-boundary-pushing photos.

Apparently, the talk show hosts questioned Roman for her thoughts on Kim K.ís risque shots. While Tami says she didnít actually see the show in question, she still responded to their call-out.

ďLet me start f by saying that I didnít watch the show because I donít watch The Real. I havenít watched since Tamar left. But it was brought to my attention that they discussed my post about Kim K,Ē she began. ďI donít know what was said but I was told they were being messy about the post I put up and my point view.Ē

She went on to say that she knows plenty women who she considers attractive who havenít felt the need to pose without clothes, which was her issue with the Kim K. photos.

ďFirst all, letís define sexy- my opinion: Beyonce, Tracee Ellis Ross, Nicole Murphy, Niecy Nash, Sanaa Lathan, Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett,Ē she said. ďThose are women who I view as sexy and not once have I ever seen their n**ple.Ē

She also said that the intention her Kim K. post was to lift Kim up, not tear another woman down.

ďI was actually uplifting her and empowering her by acknowledging all she has accomplished and the fact that you four ladies say on the sow and tried to minimize it and even tried to be messy about it is the reason you all should be f today,Ē she said.