Bawo – Smilk [Stream]

Photo Credit:  Alex Galloway

Photo Credit: Alex Galloway

Returning with his versatile sound, yet again proving his ability to keep it free flowing, ‘Smilk’ puts the melancholy to one side with its upbeat, feel-good production. Bawo moves in between rapping verses and singing delicate harmonies, bringing together a perfect sound for this short track. Alongside its vibrant, pastel pink artwork from Sii Soe, ‘Smilk’ opts for a playful and colourful approach putting Bawo’s distinctive delivery on display.

Coming as his second release of the year after the eclectically-minded, double single ‘Mood’, the LUNA produced single shows a different side to the West London musician’s style with its video-game-esque synths and lighthearted percussion. Taking a lighter approach to his sound, the stripped-back instrumental revolves heavily around his own layered vocals and his laid-back, wholesomely, worded verses make for a perfect release – keeping his listeners on the edge of their seats for what he’ll release next.

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