Beau Peep – Chalét [Stream]


Watford MC and producer Beau Peep launches his fresh SoundCloud with a new single ‘Chalét’. This one is for lovers of that low-tone, lofi hip hop of artists like languid.oceans and Lex Amor. Solely crafted by Beau, this release is the latest example of his own artistic expression.

The MPC mastermind took inspiration from the production on Kendrick Lemar’s Overly Dedicated and Section.8.0 while wearing his UK influences on his burn-holed sleeve. Around the minute mark, ‘Chalét’s drums jump out of their filters, making the kick snap and the live bassline pop. There’s a reason why he’s the producer behind Renelle 893’s Everything Is Temporary.

Plus, Beau’s bars reference everything from Bane to Bojack Horseman, so what more could you want? In his own words: “No worries pretty, you can thank me later”.

Though Beau Peep boasts a quality batch of instrumental tapes to his name, fingers crossed for a full vocal project coming soon.

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