Bel Cobain & Lex Amor – At The Bay [Stream]

Hackney singer Bel Cobain and Islington-raised MC Lex Amor have combined forces on ‘At The Bay’, the very first single from The Silhouettes Project, produced by illiterate. Bel tells a story that’s wrapped in pathetic fallacy. Her lyrics describe the night’s sky and how rainwater washes away regret. Her soft vocals blend into Lex’s composed flow, which punctuates the beat with the realities of bad days. Both artists are part of The Silhouettes Project, a new platform and community for emerging Hip-Hop, Soul and Jazz musicians in the UK. This new release offers a sneak peek into the kind of creative collaborations to come on the LP, which drops later this year.

‘At The Bay’ opens with the sounds of rainfall that drift into Bel’s harmonic whispers. Her poetic voice captures the dreariness of rainy days. illiterate’s production layers strong bass tones with a steady kick and snare pattern, which keeps the tempo smooth and totally relaxed. Together with the imagery Lex creates with her mellow bars, this track lures the listener into a hazy daydream. It exudes purposeful nonchalance, the kind of confidence that comes with making alternative hip-hop liberated from commercial expectations.

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