Benzino Challenges Eminem to Face-to-Face Rap Battle

After battling Eminem on wax earlier this year, Benzino is ready to go up against the rap god face-to-face.

Benzino Calls Out Eminem

On Sunday (April 14), Benzino sat down for an interview with TMZ where the former rapper and Source magazine co-owner opined on the recent rap diss songs that have brought the competition back to hip-hop. During the chat, which can be seen below, the topic of Benzino and Eminem’s beef came up. That’s when Benzino challenged Shady to a face-face rap battle.

“At this point, after ‘Rap Elvis,’ I think I can face-to-face battle with him,” Benzino insists around the 2:20 mark of the video below. “I’m willing to do so. I’m willing to challenge him right here on TMZ. Face-to-face battle, three rounds. I believe I can take him.”

Now, when we was battling, I probably wouldn’t have said that 20 years from now,” he continues. “But, since then, I’ve mastered my craft and I’m in the best lyrical shape of my life. I’m ready to battle Eminem. And I think that will be great for hip-hop.

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Eminem and Benzino Beef Alive and Well

Eminem and Benzino’s two-decade-old beef was rehashed back in January when Slim dissed Benzino on the song “Doomsday Pt. 2.” Benzino fired back with multiple diss songs and claimed victory when Eminem didn’t respond. That hasn’t stopped Benzino from going in. Most recently, he filmed a music video at Eminem’s Detroit restaurant Mom’s Spaghetti.

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See the video of Benzino challenging Eminem to a three-round rap battle below.

Watch Benzino’s TMZ Interview

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