Benzino Still Thinks His Arch-Enemy Eminem ‘Sucks,’ Despite What He Drunkenly Confessed In A Recent Viral Clip

Just when the public thought Benzino’s longstanding disdain for Eminem was over, the decades-long feud is right back on and more heated than ever. On February 17, Benzino appeared on the Drink Champs podcast. After hours of enjoying the adult beverages on set, Benzino somewhat drunkenly confessed that he didn’t have anything “against Eminem” and that he actually believes “[Eminem] can rap.”

Ultimately, he vowed not to address the tension anymore as he felt that it impacted his daughter, Uproxx cover star Coi Leray’s career. But that promise has since been spoiled. During a sit down with The Art of Dialogue on February 21, Benzino, a.k.a. “The Eminem Slayer,” shared that he still thinks his arch-emeny sucks.

“‘Rap Elvis’ already destroyed him,” he said. “I already killed him with ‘Rap Elvis.’ Where’s he at? Where’s the response? I want to battle him face-to-face. I think he’s overrated. I think he sucks as a rapper. And it’s f*ck anybody that’s with him. I bombed on him. I’m going to continue to bomb on him. I’m going to continue to expose him.”

Drunk mouths are supposed to speak a sober mind. But in Benzino’s case, it appears to have been the exact opposite.

Watch the full interview above.