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Bernal & Suavé Ice Are On Top Of The Game With “ The Come Up”

Bernal & Suavé Ice release brand new track titled “The Come Up”, a beautiful track where they talk about the importance of staying true to yourself and having the “get-up-and-get-it’ attitude.

The rising duo uses the power of hip hop to talk about issues that truly matter, especially for the younger generation. They stress the importance of minding your business, being self-confident, tirelessly working for your goals and keeping it real no matter how hard it gets. In our times, this is exactly the type of message and the type of model the youth needs to look up to.

Offering a much needed complexity in today’s simplistic norm, Bernal & Suavé Ice manage to successfully reach their objective with “The Come Up”, a release set to spark mass appreciation amongst lovers of the genre.

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