BERWYN – I'd Rather Die Than Be Deported [Video]

Coming straight from single 100,000,000 which dropped earlier this month, BERWYN is back with a more personal number Id Rather Die Than Be Deported, accompanied with another LOOSE-directed video that ties into his previous visual by featuring the same car. 

As he dangles from the passenger side window on the Dartford Crossing, the Romford-based rapper, singer and songwriter shows off his effortless versatility by merging a trap style with lo-fi rap throughout the single as he vividly documents the journey he took to get to where he is today. Although the title of the song had us wondering if he actually would die than be deported, BERWYN stated that the track instead explores the theme of solitude, alongside talking about moments and situations that hes found himself in. He commented;

Its not really about that, its about being so below everything that youre more or less not there. Its about putting everything so far below ground that you may as well not exist.

With the director stating that they wanted to create something that subverts intimacy and the vulnerability of BERWYNs words, they also wanted to show the fearlessness and ego that you would expect from a rapper, creating a contrast.

Said to be one of the most prestigious talents of 2021, BERWYN has risen to the top of the one to watch lists. With the talent to provide listeners a delicate insight into an abrasive and hyper-masculine world, he utilises soul, rap and contemporary electronic styles to fortify his sound.

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