Best DIY Gifts for Your Beloved One

Best DIY Gifts for Your Beloved One

Since childhood, we all love to receive gifts. And if various things and souvenirs were a curiosity previously, now it can be very difficult to surprise someone because shops literally explode from the abundance of various goods that differ not only in the form but also in functionality.

True and genuine emotions can be caused only by a surprise made with special love and awe. And what if a handmade gift could be such a surprise? Let’s consider in more detail the various ideas of DIY gifts.

Edible Present Box

DIY gifts are not just things but something more because so much warmth and care are invested in them. According to Tinder online dating tips, you should leave sweet memories. For such a gift, you can use any beautiful box or jar and put sweets in layers – this idea is great for a sweet tooth. A jar or a box should be decorated thematically, depending on what the occasion is.


Postcards nowadays are not given so often but this is a great way to say everything that you can’t express in words. For making cards, there are lots of options – gluing, and cutting, and three-dimensional forms. But the text is the most important thing here. Write warm and pleasant words with your pens. This is a very nice sign of appreciation and love.

Scented Candle

To do this, you need to melt the wax and a colored wax pencil, add a little any essential oil (or your favorite perfume) to the mass and pour it into a greased form until the wax hardens. But one more important nuance: you should insert the candle wick in advance.

Photo frame

There are many diverse ideas for making original, unusual, beautiful and stylish souvenirs, which will be a wonderful gift or a wonderful addition to it. For example, as a souvenir to a dear person, you can make a beautiful frame for a photograph. You only need a wooden base and then a fantasy: you can decorate it with small pebbles, beads, use decoupage technique and even ordinary buttons.

String Art 

The time when you can surprise a person with a purchased item has long passed. Now you can buy whatever your heart desires and for every taste. But it is much more pleasant to please a loved one with a handmade souvenir. String art is a technique for creating images using strings and nails. It gains popularity because the unusual always attracts interest. Pictures of strings and nails are made without glue. A small hammer, small nails, a string, and a base are enough to work.

Candle Holder

The beautiful candle holder is a useful thing. Take a glass (its color and shape don’t matter), decorative pebbles, a beautiful candle. All this can be bought. You need to put the glass upside down, decorate its main part as you like and place a beautiful candle inside. That’s all, the holder is ready.  

Sweet Bouquets

Bouquets of sweets, fruits, and even socks can be made with your own hands. Such a small laconic present will be better than a mountain of various unnecessary things. The bouquets can be funny, stylish, and attractive. For example, you can make a bouquet of strawberries in pink chocolate glaze. When your loved ones receive such a gift, they realize that you spent your time making something special and unique. Try to imagine the reaction of your woman when she understands that you make such a gift with your hands.

Candlestick or lampshade

The technology of such candlesticks is familiar from childhood. We wrap the ball with threads dipped in glue, and after drying, we burst the ball to get an openwork ball. The finished ball must work correctly so that there is no fire. Such exclusive and original items, made in a single copy, will be a worthy decoration of the apartment.

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