Beyoncé And Post Malone’s Song ‘Levii’s Jeans’ Reportedly Boosted Levi Strauss’ Stock Value By 20 Percent


Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter is the gift that keeps on giving. The project has set a new streaming record in country music and amplified the work of Black musicians in the genre (including Linda Martell, Shaboozey, and Tanner Adell, to name a few).

Now, according to CBS News, the album’s impact can even be traced back to the stock market. On April 5, the outlet reported that “Levii’s Jeans,” a collaborative track with Beyoncé and Post Malone, boosted Levi Strauss’ stock value.

As the pair sang about their love for the brand’s tried and true denim, financial analysts connected it to a 20% increase in Levi’s overall public value. In a statement, the company’s CEO, Michelle Gass, shared her excitement for the peak in consumers’ interest. “I would just say that denim is having a moment, and the Levi’s brand is having a powerful moment around the world,” she said.

Gass also addressed the report that Beyoncé aided in the uptick in sales. “One of the things that really is significant about the Levi’s brand,” she said. “We also place a lot of emphasis and investment in making sure that Levi’s brand remains at the center of culture. And I don’t think there’s any better evidence or proof point than having someone like Beyoncé, who is a culture shaper, actually name a song after us.”

First, Uber and Lyft were fighting to offer the Beyhive a better promo code. Now, Levi has entered the mix. Maybe apartment management companies or mortgage lenders will take note.