Beyonc Donates Butterfly Ring From Jay-Z To Museum

A large butterfly ring owned by Beyoncé will be displayed in a London museum alongside jewels worn by historical figures like Elizabeth I and Catherine the Great. Bey has reportedly donated the ring, which was a gift from Jay-Z, to the V&A Museum. In honor of the occasion, she even gave a rare quote to British Vogue about the piece. “I do love butterflies, but the Papillon was something special… Yes, diamonds are always a girl’s best friend,” she said, adding that she looks for distinctive pieces: “they remind me of a special moment.” That’s pretty much as close as you get to a Beyoncé interview in 2018.

The ring was designed by London-based jeweller Glenn Spiro. Bey reportedly owns a number of pieces from the artist, according to The Guardian.

In other news related to the Carters, Hay-Z will be helping to compile a posthumous Prince album for Tidal. Beyoncé and Jay-Z will be heading out on their On The Run Tour II this summer, which if Beyoncé’s historic Coachella performance is any indication, should be quite the spectacle.

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