Beyonc Is Adding 88 Backup Dancers To Her Coachella Performance

Previously, it was reported that Beyoncé was working overtime to ensure that her upcoming Coachella performance was something special, rehearsing for 11 hours a day with a dozen backup dancers to ensure that she makes up for when she cancelled her performance at last year’s festival. 

Now, TMZ has provided an update to Beyoncé’s rehearsal plans, with some news that should shock and excite Beyoncé fans who plan to see her performance. According to their source, Beyoncé has upped the amount of backup dancers in her performance from 12 dancers to 100.

Why Beyoncé made the decision to add almost 10 times as many dancers to her performance is not yet known, but it seems that she only came to this decision recently. The logistics of figuring out how to choreograph an additional 88 dancers into her routine seems like a nightmare in itself, but it seems that their facilities required an upgrade as well. The source claims that Beyoncé and her army of dancers have moved to a much larger rehearsal studio, and that they’ve all been sworn from sharing any details about the performance before her show on the 14th of April.

All of this is adding up to what is sure to be an unforgettable performance. If Beyoncé and her team manage to wrangle all their new recruits in time for the show, it should more than make up for her missing last years performance. Are you planning on seeing Beyoncé’s performance at Coachella, or will you be stuck at home like the rest of us?

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