Beyoncé Liked Then Unliked Kylie Jenner’s IG Post & Twitter Demands Explanation

What exactly happened here?

Beyoncé is  most of the time, often keeping to herself until it’s time to and stop the world. Part of this mysterious and enigmatic existence is Beyoncé’s tendency not to throw likes around on social media, often reserving her Internet activity for her own, often captionless posts and tossing the occasional thumbs up to a deserving user. That’s why this recent move of hers shocked fans so much, they started coming up with possible explanations for it since it was so out of character.

The post above may seem like your average Kylie Jenner IG photo, but at one point, it possessed a like for Queen Bey herself. Considering Beyoncé doesn’t follow Kylie (or anyone, for that matter) and , liking Kylie’s photo seemed strange, especially a pretty average post like this. The keen eye of the Internet took note of the shocking like, and Beyoncé (or, let’s be honest, whoever runs her account) quickly removed it. However, the deed had been done, and the Internet was shook.

Theories began circulating on how exactly that like from Beyoncé’s account ended up on Kylie’s photo.

 Some even thought Blue Ivy or the twins had been messing around on their mama’s phone.


 Whatever the explanation, the like has disappeared forever, and it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever get an explanation from Bey. 

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