Beyoncé Thanks Fans For Ivy Park x Adidas Support Amid Backlash Over Sizes

Some fans weren’t happy that bigger sizes weren’t included.

It came to no surprise that Beyoncé’s Ivy Park collaboration with Adidas sold out instantly. For weeks the world has watched as the rich and famous shared their unboxing experiences after Beyoncé and her team gifted the collection to some of her friends. However, after Ivy Park x Adidas was made available to the public, .

The collection was available in extra small to extra large, the largest being a 16/18. Some took issue with that because the average size of an American woman in a 16/18, causing many to criticize the accomplished singer for excluding a particular demographic.

“” writer Candice Marie Benbow tweeted. “You can’t celebrate the inclusivity of your other projects, having plus size dancers and background singers, but ignore us *again* when it comes to this.” She added, “Big girls deserve more than only being able to rock a hat, socks and shoes when you dropped an entire damn clothing line. And we deserve more than having to wait to be included in the next release phase that never comes. Do better, Bey. Sh*t. Just do damn better. The exclusion is intentional and I’m tired.”

Meanwhile, “I want to say a huge thank you to all of the incredible human beings who stood in those long lines in the snow and rain,” Bey wrote on Instagram. “All the beautiful people who waited in the waiting room online. All of the friends and family who took the time to film videos and dress up in the unboxing. I am humbled, grateful and proud. Y’all look so good in your IVY PARK. I love you deep. B.”


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