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Beyonce’s Epic Side-Eye To Warriors’ Owner’s Wife Becomes A Petty Meme

Beyoncé’s side-eye will go down in history as a key moment from Game Three.

Last night, , moving up in the series and taking a slight edge. A few key points from the game were ‘s high-scoring effort, the Warriors’ current injury woes and, of course, . The Raps are just two games away from achieving something that their fans have been wishing for since day one. A championship is in sight but it’s all being overshadowed by one very high-profile fan who stole the show by becoming a meme. 

Beyoncé did not drain a game winner and she’s not on either team but she was at Oracle Arena with her husband Jay-Z sitting courtside with the Warriors’ owner and his wife. When Nicole Curran, Joe Lacob’s partner, leaned over to start chatting with Jay-Z, Beyoncé gave her that type of look where you know she’s a few seconds away from smacking somebody. The moment has since become a meme with fans of the power couple “stanning” the move hard on social media and in the comments sections. Beyoncé even took things a step further when she shared a couple of highlights from her night on Instagram, keeping her fans chuckling by cropping out Curran from the final video. 

Since the moment aired on national television, Curran has also responded to the assumption that Bey was annoyed at her, saying that everybody should get along in her own post. The side-eye gloriousness has become a meme and hopefully, it remains as entertaining as it is now for a few months.

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