Bia Disses Cardi B Back in Unreleased Snippet: Watch

Guess the beef season isn’t over, after all. Only this time, it’s rappers Bia and Cardi B caught in the heated controversy.

As most rap beefs do, this one also seems to have started over some subliminal dissing. Although, the scenario begs the question: is it really a sub though if the wordplay insinuates a name-drop? You see, this apparently all started with Cardi B’s verse on ‘Wanna Be (Remix),’ where she raps, and we quote, “Though she was on the shelf, IKEA/ Hope she talk like that when I see her/ B***h please, don’t nobody wanna be ya,” with the end rhyme alluding to play on ‘Bia.’

[embedded content]

Cut to earlier today, when Cardi B took to socials to clear the air out and speak her mind on the situation with Bia. Cardi revealed a phone call exchange between Bia and herself that she has recorded, where Cardi expresses anger on Bia’s recent insinuation that Cardi steals from Bia. She went on to state how she likes nothing about Bia — “not her music, not her looks, her style,” but continued to state how she pulled out receipts and proved to Bia that she wasn’t stealing her style. According to Cardi, the songs Bia claims Cardi copied her on were all made before Bia put her songs out (these include ‘Like What (Freestyle)‘ and ‘Enough‘).

But after all this, it seems like Bia isn’t one to care. Taking to Instagram live earlier today, Bia previewed her diss track aimed towards Cardi. To top things off, the song starts with an automated recording stating, “this call may be recorded for quality and training purposes,” seemingly shading Cardi B’s act of recording the phone call between the two.

In the track, Bia fires off on Cardi, taking shots on her supposed inability to ride a beat on time, her surgeries, her situation with her husband, and more. Watch her playing the track from a studio, below: