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Big Sean Delivers Album Update With Graphic Sexual Innuendo

Big Sean is planning to go on tour once he wraps up his album.

. Somewhere in the middle of album planning and actually releasing said body of work, life got in the way for the Detroit-bred rapper and he needed to take a step back to re-evaluate everything going on around him. This summer, Sean Don returned in peak form with a few new singles, letting us all know that he had conquered his demons but that, every day, his anxiety forces him to take deep breaths and look at things from an outsider’s perspective. It would appear as though the star is ready to get back in his bag, informing the world that once his album is complete, he’ll be organizing a new tour.

After his fire performance at the Apollo Theater this week, shared several highlights from the show on his social media pages. However, when he finished his set, he was a little unfulfilled… almost as if he was being teased by a woman he really wanted to get with.

“Now I gotta tour when I finish this album cause last night felt like stickin da tip in n then having to leave,” wrote Sean on Instagram, joking with his audience about wanting just a little more next time. Just performing wasn’t enough for him, he’s ready to drop the album and he’s ready to do this on a nightly basis again. You love to see it.

We missed you, Sean.

Big Sean Delivers Album Update With Graphic Sexual Innuendo

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