Billie Eilish’s Dyed Hair Leads To Hilarious Weather Map Comparisons

Billie Eilish’s style has arguably defined a whole generation of pop music fans and beyond, due to her idiosyncrasy and carefree energy. However, with such acclaim comes a fair share of experimenting, all of which she’s brushed off against haters or people making fun of her looks online. In the most recent example of this, the “my strange addiction” singer drew fans’ attention- and comical jokes- thanks to her new hairstyle. In new pictures, she showed off a swirl of red, orange, yellow, and green in her hair that had fans comparing her to a weather channel forecast. It’s quite comical in context, but the Los Angeles native probably knew exactly what she was doing with it, so your jokes aren’t new or lost on her.

Furthermore, whether it’s for her everyday fashion choices or her statements within the scene, she’s always going to cause a lot of conversation. Probably the biggest area in which Billie Eilish succeeded in this regard is her hyped sneaker collaborations. For example, most recently, she dropped “Fire Red” and “White/Black” variations of her Nike Air Alpha Force 88 collab. No matter what kind of sneakerhead you are, there’s a very good chance that the 21-year-old has her name on a pair you really like.

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Billie Eilish’s New Weather Channel-Like Dyed Hairstyle

In addition, these style endeavors, plus her status as a massive pop star, have garnered her a lot of acclaim and respect within hip-hop. It’s a love that Billie Eilish started expressing for the culture that they then reciprocated, like when she sent Nicki Minaj a pair of her aforementioned Alpha Forces. However, it’s also a relationship that fell under much scrutiny, whether it’s her against the game or the game against her. Lil Yachty recently referenced her body on a bar from his For All The Dogs-featured Drake collab, “Another Late Night.”

What’s more is that Billie actually seemed to cosign this bar, even if it’s a bit objectifying for such a young figure. Regardless of all that, anyone can look at this new hairstyle and laugh at the comparison. More than anything, she seems to take all the acclaim and attention in stride, and not focusing on the negative aspects or dressing for someone else’s clout-chase. For more news and the latest updates on Billie Eilish, come back to HNHH.

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