Birdman and Toni Braxton To Have 'Great Gasby' Wedding Theme

Not Her First Wedding

Birdman and Toni Braxton To Have 'Great Gasby' Wedding Theme

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This won’t be Toni Braxton’s first wedding. Back in 2001, Braxton married to Keri Lewis, an American singer and songwriter that is well known for his role as a keyboardist in the R&B group Mint Condition. Braxton met Lewis when the group opened up for her on tour, and the couple had 2 children together shortly after they married. In 2009, Braxton announced that she and Lewis had separated, and their divorce was made final in 2013. Birdman and Braxton started dating in May 2016, but they had apparently been close long before they started dating.

“He’s been my bestie for like 15 or 16 years,” Braxton told PEOPLE. “He has come to my baby showers, my plays, my shows. I never thought we would be dating or getting married.” She says that Birdman was always checking in on her and making sure she was okay after shows. When he finally let her know he was interested in her, he said he had always been into her, but didn’t let her know because she was married.

Pillar of Support

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Throughout their years of friendship and continuing into their relationship, Toni Braxton has credited Birdman with being a great support to her in her battle with lupus. Although her disease drain her physically and emotionally, Braxton has said that she doesn’t feel the need to fake anything about the state of her lupus to Birdman, because he always “understands”:

“I’ve always had issues dating because I was ashamed to have lupus and felt like no one would want to take care of a woman with lupus – I was insecure. With him, I can be comfortable with a little hat or skully on with some lipstick and mascara, but I can just let my hair down a little bit and that feels great.”

Birdman Opens Up

.@BIRDMAN5STAR opens up about his relationship with @ToniBraxton. Keep watching:

— Wendy Williams (@WendyWilliams) February 20, 2018

Birdman has publicly professed his love for Braxton as well. Back in February, Birdman was featured as a guest on the Wendy Williams Show, where he opened up about how much Toni means to him. Although he wouldn’t directly answer Wendy’s question on whether or not she was his girlfriend, he still had a plethora of sweet things to say about her. Check out the clip of the show above.

As for more details of the upcoming wedding, the location of the ceremony is reported to be California. Apparently, Atlanta had come up in discussion as a possibility, but Braxton says that Birdman wants absolutely “no remnants of her] first wedding” at their own, so he vied for the West Coast. Birdman made another request, too: he wants there to be macaroni and cheese at the wedding. It looks like Birdman may have to compromise with Braxton and settle for Mac n’ Cheese balls in order to “keep it pretty”.

A date for the Gatsby wedding has yet to be revealed. Keep your eyes peeled!


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