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Blac Chyna Hit With Lien Over Unpaid Legal Fees In Rob Kardashian Case: Report

Blac Chyna’s former lawyer comes after her for an unpaid bill.

Blac Chyna just can’t seem to get a break these days. Harvard recently involving the school. She’s also been involved with several legal battles including. The two made an , Dream. Unfortunately, her lawyer didn’t seem to get paid for his work on the case and he’s chasing her down to get every single penny from her.

Blac Chyna Hit With Lien Over Unpaid Legal Fees In Rob Kardashian Case: Report
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

According to The Blast, Lisa Bloom has filed a lien against Blac Chyna, her former client. The lien against her was filed as part of two lawsuits Bloom represented Chyna in. She served as Chyna’s attorney Rob’s lawsuit against Chyna and Chyna’s 

This marks the first time anyone has heard that Bloom and Chyna weren’t working together anymore. It’s surprising since Bloom issued a statement on Chyna’s behalf this weekend after t. Chyna and Bloom have been working together for over a year at this point. Chyna signed a written agreement with Bloom and is in debt to the lawyer for her services.

If Chyan wins any money from Rob, Bloom will end up getting a portion of it. Bloom states that the “lien is to secure payment for legal services rendered and costs and expenses incurred on behalf of White.”

The exact amount has yet to be confirmed. 

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