Blac Chyna's Assistant Pronounced Brain Dead… Family to Sue

It looks like 2018 is turning out to be a rough year for Blac Chyna. After weathering through scandal after scandal, the mom-of-two is now facing a lawsuit against the family of her former assistant, Lorena “Patty” Hernandez.

Health Issues

Blac Chyna's Assistant Pronounced Brain Dead... Family to Sue

Source: Instagram @blacchyna

At the beginning of the year, reports came in that Blac Chyna’s assistant Hernandez had a brain hemorrhage. After the seizure — which took place while Hernandez was at Chyna’s salon, Lashed — the Los Angeles City Fire Department revealed that authorities got a call requesting a “medical aide” and “one ambulance transported a patient to a local hospital.”

Close on the heels of reports of Hernandez’s health issues, Chyna’s exes Rob Kardashian and Tyga graciously made large donations to a GoFundMe page set up to help with Hernandez’s medical expenses and her children. Rob offered $10,000 while Tyga pitched in with 5k.

The GoFundMe page says Hernandez suffered “a stroke that left her partially blind” over the summer of 2017 before being “diagnosed … with a brain AVM arteriovenous malformation that was present since birth.”

“[Doctors] advised a pregnancy termination, but due to the fact that doctors were not guaranteeing her health, she decided to proceed with the pregnancy. Despite the complication her AVM produced which included: severe headaches, [dizziness], a higher risk pregnancy, and [doctors] advised no work, but that was not an option for Patty who had her 3 kids depending on her [sic],” the page explains.

The next incident — “a severe head bleed that left her unconscious” — occurred mid December 2017. The page continued: “After a cat scan and a couple of days, Patty was finally stable and [doctors] advised to terminate her pregnancy lowering the chances of another head bleed because another head bleed would leave her [permanently] disabled or dead. Patty’s pregnancy was sadly terminated on December 28, 2017. ”

The next occurence would take place in Lashed, leaving Hernandez comatose.

Frontin’ for the Public

Blac Chyna's Assistant Pronounced Brain Dead... Family to Sue

Source: Instagram @blacchyna

While the Hernandez family pulled together (and Rob and Tyga offered financial help)… Chyna herself didn’t do much more than use “her platform for the GoFundMe page,” according to Hernandez’s sister-in-law.

At the time, the star’s rep claimed she had “been keeping [Hernandez’s] children at her house just to help out, this has actually been going on since before Christmas. It’s really heartbreaking and everybody is trying to help out as much as possible right now especially Chyna.”

However, Hernandez’s sister-in-law told Page Six that the model “hasn’t been taking care of the kids. The only thing that Chyna has actually helped with was using her platform for the GoFundMe page.”

“She had the kids for like one day when the accident happened,” she added. “My parents have been with the kids.”

For BC’s negligence, she’s getting a case.

“[Chyna] has never ever been [to the hospital],” the insider spilled. “She was only there the first day when they found her at Lashed, but the only reason she came to the hospital was to tell the doctors and everyone not to give out any information to anybody. When I got there they didn’t even want to give me information because she gave them the order not to say anything. After that she never came back.”


Blac Chyna's Assistant Pronounced Brain Dead... Family to Sue

Source: Instagram @blacchyna

According to Page Six‘s source close to the Hernandez family, Hernandez herself suffered a “third brain bleed” before being “pronounced brain dead on Monday [May 14].” As her husband prepares to take her off of life support, he’s also gearing up to sue BC, alleging that she abused Hernandez and did not provide her with worker’s comp.

“Remember when the news broke and she said she was helping [Hernandez] and she was helping the kids and everything? She never did,” the source said, sending a head nod to Chyna’s rep’s previous statements. “I mean all she pretty much did was spread the word and reach out to her baby daddies, so she felt like, ‘That’s how I helped.’”


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