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Blac Youngsta Has Elaborate Plans For His "Booty" Single

Los Angeles, CA – When Blac Youngsta stopped by DX Live earlier this month, he debuted the video for his strip club-friendly single Booty from his latest album 223. But the real surprise came when the Memphis rapper told us there were two more coming.

We shot three videos for Booty, Youngsta revealed, insinuating the subsequent two will be more raunchy than the first one. If thats not enough, Yo Gottis protg also announced his plans to buy a new booty (yes, you read that right) for one lucky fan.

Im actually gonna do something with Dr. Miami, he explained. Ima actually pay for someone to have surgery. I wanna have like a Build-A-Woman contest for someone who really wants it. They can have a chance to experience a big ole booty booty booty. Ima pay for their surgery. Were still trying to figure out the qualifications. Were trying to figure it out now with] the legal team so I cant get sued if something goes wrong.

Like many artists today, Youngsta keeps content coming to satisfy the demand a generation that consumes it constantly. Though he admits to powering through mixtapes, as he put it, his albums require a little bit more affection.

Mixtapes I record in an hour, he noted. The album, I kinda like took my time with it. Its like you got a female and you hittin it real fast, but then you got the other female, you like her, so you make love to her, tell her] Hey baby look me in my eyes. So with the album, I made love to it. I had sex with it. When I record, I record so fast so with the album, Im like, Let me take my time with this one. When I record a mixtape, I might do 14 songs and Ill put all 14 songs on a mixtape. But with the album, I probably recorded 100 songs and only put a certain number songs on the album. You take your time with it, it comes out better.

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