'Black Ink Crew Chicago' Couple Calls It Quits Amid Cheating Scandal

Black Ink Crew: Chicago couple Ashley and Don have called it quits… and it�s apparently over Don stepping out.

It seems that the tattoo artist couple � who were married for six years and have several children together � are splitting because Don couldn�t keep it in his pants. He posted a long public apology to his Instagram and begged for her forgiveness.

Don said he had embarrassed his entire family with his actions, running through the specific ways that he had let his two sons and his daughter down.

�I wanna start this post by saying I love you Ashley Brumfield and I apologize for hurting you and disappointing you once again,� he began the post. �We have been working on Don and Ashley for 6 years. Our lives have created two amazing boys and I wouldn�t trade it for the world.�

He attributed a bit his missteps to being in the public eye their 3-year run on Black Ink.

�Our lives have been lived in the public eye these past 3 years and I have publicly embarrassed my wife, my family, and my team who all believed in me. I can�t ask my wife to forgive me once again. All I can do is work on myself to be a better husband to you, Ashley and allow you to heal,� he wrote.

He also addressed fans the show directly and asked them to stop berating his wife online.