'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' Star Catches Girlfriend Cheating

Black Ink Crew: Chicago star Van Johnson is officially single. The tattoo artist’s tumultuous relationship with Jennifer, who had been presurring him to marry her after several years of dating, ended after Jen was caught cheating.

The 34-year-old posted a screen shot of a text message conversation, which revealed that Jen was “at the black cat on 127th” in the company of “some ni**a” who looks like “a gd got dreads.” “They don’t look like friends,” the messages read. “He grabbing a**.”

The screen shot was shared along with a lengthy goodbye. The caption of the post told Jen everything she needed to know about their relationship, or lack their of, moving forward.

Nine Years

'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' Star Catches Girlfriend Cheating

Source: Instagram: @vantatznoexcuses

After meeting nearly nine years ago, wrapping themselves in an off-and-on relationship, it seems that Jen and Van simply weren’t meant to be.

“I got ears and eyes all over the world,” Van began in the caption of the since-deleted post. He went on to write that he drove “like Batman” to The Black Cat only to “find out it’s true lol.”

“The Same Ol Dirty Ni**a too, better be glad I turned over a new leaf and ain’t go ape s**t,” he went on. “Because it’s PLEEEEEEEEENTY OF FISH IN THE SEA and IM OFFICIALLY OFF PAROLE AS OF YESTERDAY, GOT BUSINESSES GOT MONEY GOT A TV SHOW AND GOT A GANG OF POTENTIALS IN MY DMS.”

He then gave his followers (and everyone else who viewed the post) some insight into his next plans. The father-of-one added that he’s “adding chapters to my new” book before telling fans to “stay tuned.”

The Thoughts

After thegossiptwins reposted Van’s post, fans hit the comment section with their thoughts. Some saw the mishap as promo for Black Ink Crew‘s new season, while some blamed Van himself for Jen’s infidelity.

“Well how long he think she gonna just hang around bye Van,” an Instagram user wrote. “He took too long to give her a ring i guess,” chimed in another.

“They filming! Nobody buying that,” a fan said. “You can always tell when a new season is coming. They quiet as a church mouse til the season renews,” added a fan.

Repeating History

'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' Star Catches Girlfriend Cheating

Source: Instagram @donnadadondada

Jen isn’t the only star to be caught cheating in a public space… Earlier this year, Donna of Black Ink Crew was caught cheating on her man in a public bathroom by someone with a camera phone. In the video recording by the impromptu paparazzi, you can see Donna going to town with someone else from the show.

The clip shows Alex from Black Ink Crew multitasking: doing the deed with Donna and rolling a blunt simultaneously. Of course, the internet was quick to pass the video around and, more importantly, crack jokes.

Donna addressed the video in a recent post to social media, saying that people like to run off at the mouth before they have the slightest idea of what they’re talking about.

“So I just want to come over here and say that y’all are really f**ked up. And that I’m glad a b***h got high self-esteem or else it would have been another suicide in the world,” she said. “And that’s really like some s**t we should think about. Before you go on the internet body-shaming and sl*t-shaming and all that other s**t that y’all don’t even really know what the f**k is going on.Just think about how that s**t affect motherf**kers before you go saying what the f**k you gotta say.”

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