'Black Ink Crew' Star Gets Another Side Chick Pregnant

The Black Ink Crew family is steadily growing… However, depending on who’s telling the news, that may not be a great thing.

According to the show’s latest promo, Don knocked up another side-piece.

Baby, Baby!

'Black Ink Crew' Star Gets Another Side Chick Pregnant

Source: Instagram @youngisblessed

The lovechild may have some company because according to Young Bae’s most recent announcement, “Nikko is here!!!”

The first-time mom took to Instagram to share her son’s first social media picture. The little one was born premature, but his mom says he’s in good shape.

“He came 5 weeks earlier and caught me and @imjust_chill off guard,” Bae wrote. After saying that the little one is “healthy and strong,” she continued, “Mommy and daddy Love You.”

In February of this year, while in Korea looking for her mom, Bae learned that she was a mommy-to-be. She shared the news with the world Instagram, writing, “Yes!!!! We’re having a baby y’all!!!”

Alongside the hashtag #youngisscaredaf,”she wrote, “Excited to be a Mommy!!! 5 months down!!”

“Thank you for the love and support guys it means the world to me!! I don’t know what I did to deserve all these blessings these days,” she continued. “Guys I’m gonna need y’all help and advices I have no idea what it’s like to be a mommy.”

“Have y’all ever heard of the saying ‘hurt ppl hurt ppl’?? Im so scared if I’m gonna be that person to my baby. I’m seeing a therapist so I can let go of my pain for now,” Bae concluded.

A Love Story

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Nikko seemingly couldn’t have been given to better parents. Young Bae and her man Rob met after the star had experienced a tough run through the dating world. After falling for false advertising on Tinder and inadvertently going out with a man who bats for the other team, Bae found “the man [she] prayed for.”

They dated and moved in together, before getting engaged in Times Square.

SHOW THAT ROCK OFF @Youngisblessed!

— Black Ink Crew (@BlackInkCrew) March 8, 2018

After a tulmultous trip to South Korea, which threatened the relationship between Bae and her mom, the 33-year-old returned to America with a heavy-heart. Her mom’s safety aside, the tattoo artist had to figure out how to tell Rob that she was carrying his child.

However, Bae — who admitted to being nervous about sharing her pregnancy news with her boyfriend — had a surprise waiting for her: Rob popped the big question in NYC.

In one year @Youngisblessed found her prince, he knocked her up then he proposed to her in the middle of time square

— Sha (@Loveya2Staye) March 2, 2018

Following the March proposal was two super sweet Instagram posts from Rob and Bae. Rob himself went for a short and sweet announcement, captioning his post, “A bond that will never be broken #blessed your love is timeless.” Bae on the other hand…

“Thank you @imjust_chill for being the man I prayed for,” she wrote alongisde a photo of the couple. “I Love you so much!!”

She went on: “A lot of ppl are asking what he does for a living if he makes a lot of money blah blah blah.. He’s just a regular hard working guy who works hard to take care of his women and give his women everything best.”

“I love our regular degular shemgular life together,” the artist concluded.

Highly Favored

YAS! @Youngisblessed!

— Black Ink Crew (@BlackInkCrew) March 1, 2018

Fans filled the comments with heart-warming support, agreeing that Rob’s finances are no one’s business.

“Right NOBODY damn business wht he do bae….so glad u found the love u deserve…every man should knw how to treat his lady…so men take lessons!!” a fan commented on Instagram. “Chicago HAPPY BOO.”

“Awee Im so Genuinely So Happy For You,” wrote another. “Through Everything Tou Gone Through You deserve Happiness.” “You are so beautiful… I’m glad to see you happy….congrats to the both of y’all,” a fan said.

The question now is… Will Don’s baby be just as favored and welcomed?


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