Black Ink Crew: Van Threatens Ryan Henry's Baby Mama in Scary IG

It looks like theres some serious tension brewing on the set Black Ink Crew: Chicago. The tattoo artist Van walked into his space at 9Mag to find that it had been absolutely trashed by Rachel, the girlfriend 9Mag owner Ryan Henry.

Van posted a video the mess and promised that Rachel was going to pay what she owed. Now, it wouldnt be gentlemanly to threaten a lady, so it looks like Van is siccing his girlfriend on her instead.

Jen gonna take care you tho, lil bih, he wrote on top the video his ruined workstation. Aint nothing you gonna be able to do to stop her, Rach.

Theres no word yet on what started the beef, but if weve already reached the point destroyed spaces, these problems arent likely to go away easily.