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"Black Panther" Meets "Black Jeopardy": Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa Does "SNL"

New York City, NY – Marvel’s Black Panther is the movie gift that keeps on giving (and making a ton of money) and during his first-ever hosting gig for Saturday Night Live, Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa character was the underlying basis for the episode.

During the ever-popular “Black Jeopardy” segment which has recently been blessed with the talents of Drake and Chance The Rapper in the past couple of years the Black Panther alter ego brought his straight-arrow vicinage to the slanted game show and all hilarity ensued.

Elsewhere, Boseman appeared as a commonplace black man accessing white people doing the “Wakanda Salute” incredibly wrong and somehow managed to bring up … Drake.

Boseman, 40, who is also well known for his autobiographic portrayals of James Brown (Get on Up, 2014), Jackie Robinson (42, 2013) and Thurgood Marshall (Marshall, 2017) wasn’t forced to use his professionally trained talents to spoof the Marvel Cinematic Universe the entire time. He also tackled genetically engineering the world’s first pregnant man, a Disney World R. Kelly and a dine-in musical.

He also had the distinction of introducing Cardi B’s live performances, where she finally copped to the pregnancy rumors.

Chadwick Boseman Monologue – SNL

Medical Breakthrough – SNL

Magic Mirror – SNL

Restaurant Complaint – SNL

It’s a safe bet the future looks bright for Boseman going into Black Panther’s sequel.

The superhero smash hit recently sailed passed Titantic on America’s all-time movie grossing list and will be the first movie Saudi Arabian citizens can actually see in theaters within the past four decades.