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Black Star Reunion Album Announcement Was News To Talib Kweli

Boulder, CO – Talib Kweli was in Boulder, Colorado for a show at The Fox Theatre on Tuesday night (February 27). Backstage, Kweli spoke about his latest solo projectRadio Silence and therecently announced (but not ficially confirmed)Black Star reunion album.

While Yasiin Bey’s proclamation was in fact a surprise to Kweli, there’s a strong possibility it could manifest, although it’s an idea the two have been toying with for years.

“It looks like it might happen,” Kweli told HipHopDX from the smoke-filled green room. “I found out on the internet the same way y’all did. We’ve been talking about doing an album with Madlib for years. That’s been an idea we’ve had for so long, but for him to make that announcement … I didn’t know he was going to make the announcement.

“He went to a Madlib show and he got hype. It’s not like we discussed it and said, ‘Ok, we’re going to announce it.’ I got f the plane, I landed and was like, ‘Oh ok.’ It’s an idea we have been discussing for a long time, now we just gotta make it happen.”

Bey’s announcement came during a Madlib DJ set in Denver earlier this month and had Hip Hop purists salivating at the thought it actually coming to fruition. A week later, Beymentioned he’d recorded the first verse for the Black Star reunion album during an appearance at the Noise Pop Festival in San Francisco, but Kweli has been mute on the topic until now.

When asked who some his favorite collaborators have been over the course his career, he replied quickly, “Obviously Black Star and Reflection Eternal, but really all them.”

He added, “I came into this game as a collaborator, so I’m all about the collaboration and the collaborative energy.”

There’s still one person on his list he (surprisingly) hasn’t had a chance to work with yet DJ Premier.

“As soon as I can make it happen,” he said. “That’s my big bro. We just need to get to it.”

Elsewhere during the event,tourmate Niko IS kept the crowd warmed up with his polished set before Kweli hit the stage. The tenured MC then performed a mix classics and newer material fromRadio Silence, including the Waka Flocka Flame-assisted joint, “Chips.”

The video for “Chips” played behind them on a giant screen as Kweli rattled f his verses withabsolute precision.

At one point, Kweli told the audience, “I have a message from my friend Dave Chappelle.” Suddenly, the legendary comedian appeared on the screen and delivered his version a PSA about the dangers social media.

“I’ve never seen Paul Bunyan but I know who the fuck he is,” Chappelle said. “You gotta make ’em talk about you. You gotta make ’em experience you. I’m saying this to all you young people out here who look up to Kweli and maybe even me unwisely.

“Happen in real life … pull that fuckin’ feeding tube out your stomach and get first hand information. Know for yourself what it feels like. Then you too can become a super human, empathetic person. You can care about people you never met and worry about problems you’ve never even had. This has been a real nigga PSA.”