Black Thought Reveals J. Cole Reached Out To Do A Collab Album With Him

The Drake and Kendrick Lamar feud has been the dominant story in Hip-Hop for a long time now, so it’s only natural that other rappers get asked about it in their own interviews. Black Thought sat down to do the This Week In White Supremacy Podcast to talk about The Upcycled Self, his time on The Tonight Show and more.

He was asked about J. Cole bowing out of the beef and said that he doesn’t know Cole well, but that it didn’t surprise him with what he seems to value. He called it humble and noble.

He actually told a never-before-heard story about J. Cole reaching out to do a collab album with him in 2018. Thought said he asked for production. He says that the beats were like something you’d hear from The Roots and he wanted some more harder hitting stuff, which he thinks might be why it didn’t work out. “I think I scared him off.”

Check out the excerpt below and the full interview below that.

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