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blackbyrd shares versatile album ‘Shoegaze for Black Kids’

blackbyrd has come through with a new album called Shoegaze for Black Kids. blackbyrd (formally known as mikeyblackkk) is an artist from the burgeoning Western Mass music scene. Combining the melody of shoegaze and dream pop with the lyricism of 90’s boom bap rappers, blackbyrd offers a truly original sound. He makes a statement sonically and lyrically, while keeping his sound original in an admirable fashion, mixing genres in an original way.

The album kicks off with the strong opener “White Noise”, a heartfelt, expansive combination of raw synths, heavy percussion, and focused, emotive lyricism. “On My Mind” showcases solid chemistry with Gabe Gill, who comes through with a potent performance alongside blackbyrd’s memorable songwriting. “YKTV”, with Joenis, conjures a sense of longing with winding synths and raw vocals.

Shoegaze for Black Kids is a potent set of 9 songs that finds blackbyrd tackling various sounds and styles, all the while keeping things cohesive.

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