BLAME BO$ANOVUH, MAFA MoVeMeNT Mu$!C And Nobody The Initiate Join Forces On New Track “The Final Boss”

BLAME BO$ANOVUH, MAFA MoVeMeNT Mu$!C, and Nobody The Initiate join forces for a stunning collaborative effort; the track titled “The Final Boss.” With thousands of monthly listeners and hundreds of thousands of plays on Spotify alone, BLAME BO$ANOVUH has been rapidly building a large community of followers that appreciate the Long Island, NY-based independent hip hop artist’s unique music. 

“The Final Boss” marked his official career launch, on 11/11/22. Displaying a fantastic collaborative effort with his executive producer, manager, and business partner, Nobody The Initiate, under their new brand “MAFA MoVeMeNT Mu$!C.”

The collective’s limitless creative and artistic potential can be vividly heard on this new track, a record offering unique vocals, rhythms, melodies, all wrapped up in a flawless production.

If you haven’t yet, get familiar with this trio’s incredible urban sounds by streaming “The Final Boss” on repeat on all major streaming platforms!

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