Blue Ivy Carter Is 6 Years Old And Apparently Has A Personal Stylist

Blue Ivy Carter, the heir to the Jay Z and Beyoncé legacy, just celebrated her sixth birthday back in January. While it’s likely that Blue Ivy is just a normal six year old in a lot of ways, being a child of the Carters comes with certain privileges, in this case, a personal stylist. 

Women’s Wear Daily has discovered the identity of the man responsible for Blue Ivy’s latest and greatest fits. His name is Manuel A. Mendez, and he reportedly works for Parkwood Entertainment, a management company founded by Beyoncé. He worked as one of Beyoncé’s personal assistants before Blue was born, and then presumably switched to becoming her stylist and personal shopper some time later.

His Instagram is filled with pictures of Blue Ivy, with breakdowns for all her outfits. For instance, Blue Ivy’s 2018 Grammy’s outfit included a tuxedo pantsuit, a black fur coat, a clutch bag, and a pair of shoes complete with Swarovski crystals. Mendez’ job is to make sure that Blue Ivy is stunting everywhere she goes.

Most kids don’t usually find the need to put diamonds on their shoes, but Blue Ivy Carter isn’t like a lot of kids. The real question is how soon Beyoncé and Jay’s twins, Sir and Rumi, will be given their own stylists as well. The twins are still less than a year old, but it’s never too early for fashion! 

Are Blue Ivy’s outfits fire, or are the Carters wasting their money? Let us know how you feel.

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