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Blueface Blocks 6ix9ine From Coming To Cali: "He Don’t Get No Passes"

He also recently shared he has a new album dropping soon.

For over a year now, hip hop hasn’t been shy as it pertains to sharing its thoughts on . You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who stands behind the rapper, but not many have said so publicly. However, there are still fans who are ready for 6ix9ine, real name Daniel Hernandez, to return to music following his impending release, and they just may get what they’ve been praying for. On Friday, news began to circulate that Hernandez has and it includes one English and one Spanish album.

TMZ ran into Blueface at Los Angeles International airport and asked the Dirt Bag rapper what he thinks about the 6ix9ine saga. “Man, f*ck 6ix9ine,” Blueface said as he threw up his gang signs. He lightly suggested that if Hernandez visited California, he may run into some trouble. Then Blueface was asked  a $10 million record deal once he’s released from prison. “It’ll be a statement,” he said. “We’ll see if it lasts. I don’t think it will, but you never know in 2019, sh*t.”

“He started that way,” Blueface added about Hernandez’s career. “When you get on the internet and say whatever the f*ck to get a reaction. He started that way. That’s what got him hot, I guess.” So, what will it take for Hernandez to get a pass to come to L.A.? Blueface said he’s going to need every dime of Hernandez’s $10 million contract. 

“Nah, I’m playing,” he said while laughing. ” He don’t get no pass.” Meanwhile, Blueface took to his Instagram on Friday to share that he has a new project on the way. It looks to be titled Find The Beat, a quip aimed at his critics, and hosts features including , , , NLE Choppa, YBN Nahmir, Ambjay, and Stunna 4 Vegas. Check it our below.

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