Blueface Gets Two Free Punches On Floyd Mayweather “For TV”

Blueface and Floyd Mayweather’s sparring boxing match on the rapper and Chrisean Rock’s “Cr*zy In Love” reality TV show has been teased little by little by the Zeus Network, which is kind of annoying. After all, just one clip will make you curious enough to want to see just how badly one beats up the other. Regardless, a new preview for tomorrow’s episode shows the legendary boxer acknowledging that they’re surrounded by the cameras. At one point, after they land some solid enough blows on each other, Mayweather loosens up. Then, he tells the California MC to get two free punches on him to “make it look good for TV.”

Of course, Floyd Mayweather probably could’ve gone really try-hard and made even better TV by showing no mercy. That aside, for what it’s worth, Blueface is able to land some good hits on him, and they both seemed to at least enjoy their time in the ring. What’s more is that this could hint toward the “Bleed It” MC’s potential future as a celebrity boxer. He already won a match against a TikTok personality, so maybe he’s really going to go hard on this.

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Floyd Mayweather Gives Blueface Two Jabs For Free

In fact, he might be always looking for fights, regardless of whether they’re sparring or even boxing-related. Moreover, Blueface recently bragged about not needing security, and said that he can defend himself with ease. This caused a lot of his fans and detractors alike to express their concern, since someone recently stabbed him. Sparring is one thing, but the 26-year-old will have to be very careful and a good fighter if he wants to hold his own in the case of any emergency or attack. Hopefully he doesn’t have to prove that often if he’s actually in danger and avoids scares like that in the future.

Meanwhile, whether or not he’ll be around for the birth of his child with Chrisean Rock is still a toss-up. Right now, it seems like he will, as they cuddled ahead of their baby shower in a new video. As such, all fans and viewers can ask for is that they keep things calm and collected regardless of their status once the baby is born. On that note, check back in with HNHH for the latest news and updates on Blueface.

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