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Blueface Pulls Off Epic Stage Dive During Concert: Watch

Blueface doesn’t have a care in the world when he’s performing.

He may be in the embryonic stages of his career but Blueface is performing as if he’s been doing this for years.  The rapper has been stealing shows on a nightly basis and while he’s been known to get jiggy with a mop during his set, he also has some high-energy moves reserved for when he really wants to get the crowd going. One of them involves a risk-taking dive into a sea of audience members.

Blueface Pulls Off Epic Stage Dive During Concert: Watch
Ser Baffo/Getty Images

Fresh off the release of his brand new EP, Blueface is still on the road, picking up fans in new markets every single day. He wants to be known as a skilled performer and in order to cement his legacy,  The Cash Money West artist shared the moment on his social media pages, jumping high and far off the stage, taking a leap of faith and praying that his fans save him from hitting the ground. Thankfully, Blueface was not injured; his supporters grabbed hold of him and made sure nothing crazy went down in history from the show. 

Check out the dare-devil antics employed by none other than Blueface Baby below.

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