Blueface Shows Damages From Baby Mama’s Rage Attack

Blueface’s baby mama went on an anger-filled attack, smashing the rapper’s windows and keying his cars this week.

Blueface quickly rose the ranks in the rag game but, in the last year, he has not been able to level up artistically. As we wait for the next stage in the Los Angeles rapper’s career, he appears to be more preoccupied with social media antics.

The off-beat recording artist filmed his baby mama, Jaidyn Alexis, taking a metal “pooper scooper” and . She smashed some windows and damaged his goods on the interior of his home. Then, she seemingly went to the garage and keyed his cars, also leaving footprints on the hoods. 

Blueface Shows Damages From Baby Mama's Rage Attack
Maury Phillips/Getty Images

All of this happened as Blueface proudly stuck a camera in her face and egged her on. He didn’t try and stop her — in fact, he didn’t really even seem too mad about it all. After the attack, he showed off the damages to his cars.

“She crip-walked on my shit, man,” joked Blueface after seeing the footsteps on his cars. “Bitch, you keyed my…” he added in awe.

Clearly, the man couldn’t care less about what his baby mama does to try and piss him off. Nothing will get through to him. After all, he’s got millions of dollars and paying for a new paint job isn’t that much of a hit. Still, happy wife, happy life… Jaidyn Alexis is not happy by any means.

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