Blueface’s Baby Mama Smashes His Windows With Metal Pooper Scooper: Watch

Blueface posted some footage of his baby mama, Jaidyn Alexis, taking a metal “pooper scooper” to his windows while he hides inside his home.

Blueface has been dealing with some serious baby mama drama this fine Wednesday. The rapper posted some clips on his Instagram story showing his baby mama, Jaidyn Alexis, circling around his California home, using a metal pooper scooper to bang on the doors and windows. Blueface narrates the footage, exclaiming, “baby mama drama, on crip.”

“Damn, I got some good d*ck,” he continues, as he observes the supposed evidence of this. “Now she runnin’, look.” At one point, Jaidyn absolutely destroys one of his windows, glass shattering all over the ground as she takes off. While it’s unclear what exactly made Jaidyn so upset, she did issue a response shortly after he posted the videos. 

Blueface's Baby Mama Smashes His Windows With Metal Pooper Scooper: Watch

“Since we take shit to the gram,” she wrote. “N*ggas lick assh*le and then when b*tches do the pull up they run up stairs wit a scary b*tch. But we don’t see the footage of when a b*tch got inside now do we babe. Yea ight no n*gha, no b*tc & not even the cops gon do NOTHIN. # rappers call the cops THESE DAYS.”

Blueface and Jaidyn share one child, a son named Javaughan, who was born in 2017. Prior to posting the footage of Jaidyn going apeshit outside his house, Blueface shared some adorable clips of him and Javaughan hanging out and eating pizza on his story, along with a video of the toddler playing with some toy guns.

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