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Blueface’s "Buss Down Tour" Announced For July With Loaded Supporting Cast

The “Buss Down Tour” boasts an impressive undercard with Sada Baby, Asian Da Brat, NLE Choppa, etc.

Thanks to Wack100, Blueface now have access to a full-on fact sheet highlighting the rapper’s touring plans for the month of July. If Wack100 is to be trusted, Blueface will be embarking on a midsummer concert run appropriately the Buss Down Tour.

The dates and such weren’t included in this early roundup. Wack100 was nonetheless kind enough to scrape together what’s being referred to as a “Pre Line Up” of supporting acts, inferring that nothing on the list is completely finalized. Blueface hasn’t contributed to his own new story; only Wack 100 and Sada Baby have gone public with the story  – the latter occupying a spot on the tour’s undercard.

In descending order (pictured), Blueface’s self-appointed headlining spot is followed by NLE Choppa, Asian (written as Asian Doll), Calboy (written as 147 Cal Boy), Sada Baby, and Kiddo Curry. The relative lack of experience on this tour highlights what is likely a very intentional approach. With “strength in numbers” accounted for, the participants get a reduction on overhead costs. They also allow their respective fanbase to co-mingle for the first time – if they’re lucky, those fans will merge into one unstoppable (merch-loving) entity. Anybody’s who’s witnessed one of Blueface or Sada Baby in a concert setting, can attest to their 

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