Bobby Shmurda Could Be Out Of Prison Sooner Than We Thought

It’s hard to forget about the short-lived success of Bobby Shmurda, the Brooklyn rapper who’s breakout hit “Hot Nigga” propelled him to instant rap stardom. After “Hot Nigga” peaked at number six on the Billboard Hot 100 list, Bobby signed a lucrative record deal with Epic Records. However, the State of New York had other plans for Bobby, as soon after he, Rowdy Rebel, and other members of his GS9 crew were arrested. Bobby was charged with conspiracy to commit murder, reckless endangerment, and possession of firearms, and eventually took a plea deal and a sentence of seven years in prison.

This means that we would normal expect Bobby to be freed in 2022, but according to TMZ, he could be freed much earlier than that. Their source reported that Bobby will have a parole hearing in August, 2020, and could be eligible for parole by December of the same year.

This is due to the lengthy period of time Bobby spent in prison awaiting sentencing. Bobby was arrested in December, 2014, and was sentenced in October, 2016. The 685 days he spent awaiting his trial will be counted as time served, taking nearly two years off his original sentence.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any guarantee that Bobby will be freed after his parole hearing. The parole board takes into account a prisoners behavior while in prison, and Bobby has already been hit with some violations, including an additional charge for possession of a shank.

Hopefully Bobby manages to keep his head low for the next few years, so he can finally enjoy the success that he earned back in 2014.

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