Bobby Shmurda Parties With Fabolous & Giggs In London

Bobby Shmurda’s on a bit of a European trek right now, having hit up Paris right before heading to the UK. Moreover, the Miami-born and Brooklyn raised rapper recently had a ball in London alongside fellow MCs Fabolous and Giggs. Overall, it seemed like quite the star-studded affair, with a lot of neon lights, fancy suits, and of course champagne. Still, a lot of this begs the question: what could Shmurda be traveling so much around Europe for? Most likely, it’s just to have some fun. However, he could also be looking for his hat, and if you don’t understand that quest… go do your homework.

Furthermore, there were a lot of different clips that emerged from the 29-year-old’s London outing, all equally luxurious. Most of them seem to come from a massive party in what feels like a club but looks like a massive building lobby, so that shows how hard they went. In another clip, Bobby Shmurda poses with a couple of friends, all dressed in fine suits and some with their own bottles of bubbly. Fab got slightly clowned for his big pants, but a fashion statement like that isn’t going to win anyone over. That being said, maybe cool it on the size increases for next time.

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Bobby Shmurda In London

Of course, his party adventures are more fun to see than most other rappers’ due to his time in prison. As such, it’s always heartening to see that “Free Bobby Shmurda” became a reality after so many online clamors for it. Even though he’s slightly moved away from rap culture, he recently expressed that he just has a different vision of what the genre should be. From what his words indicate, it seems like all this fun that he’s sharing online could hopefully inspire others to make it big.

“These kids are following you guys, and you’re rapping about these f***ing lifestyles,” he said in a podcast interview. “It’s very dangerous to the communities [because] these little kids [really] think that [it’s] going on. You did not even live [any] [of] [it]. Rap is supposed to be telling motherf***ers to go from negative to positive, coming from poverty to go to riches. How to stay in that and how to change. That’s the s**t that I want to hear. I wanna hear about living life.” For more news and the latest updates on Bobby Shmurda, keep checking in with HNHH.

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