Bond – Isotapes [Stream]

Photo Credit:  Dudley Nganjo

Photo Credit: Dudley Nganjo

Bond has provided us with his latest project Isotapes, consisting of 5 tracks. Hailing from London Bond has been developing his craft, experimenting with his sounds in order to build his fanbase. His last drop ‘GO’ was released back in February, proving that he has been busy working hard over the past few months during lockdown.

Easing the project in with ‘If You’ – he gives a relaxed, peaceful introduction which shows an early insight of Bonds use of both rap and singing. The stripped back production doesn’t give much away leaving a sense of excitement for whats to come. 

Without hesitation Bond quickly gives us an example of his impressive orderly flow on ‘I Fly’. He uses the first verse to introduce himself as well as addressing the mission statement of his music. 

I throw some rhymes just to see if i can try and catch it, write it and rap it
bounce it and pack it, click it and tap it – then go ahead and listen.

The nostalgic references bring back many youthful memories we all miss, discussing the days of chilling out and not having an awful lot to worry about. Relatable to say the least.

Exploring further sounds in ‘Meditate’ Bond brings a more commercial sound led by a noticeable guitar pattern which is enhanced by trap influenced hi-hats. The chorus is uplifting, presenting a joyful emotion especially as the song develops with extra vocal samples intensifying the outro. 

‘Rise Up’ see’s Bond bounce off himself using his melodic voice against his skippy rap flow, this time infused with some well calibrated auto-tune. With the project over halfway through Bond has now warmed into himself, and his character has been bought to the forefront. The consistency in production is impressive with each song flowing off each other without question.

A personal favourite ‘Dreams’ is a trap-inspired banger! From the beginning, it gives a rich feeling causing the head to bop as soon as the beat drops. The chorus is both bouncy and catchy therefore I’m convinced that it would have a room of people jumping! Definitely one for the live show.