Boosie Badazz Accused of Assault and Battery

Boosie Badazz is wrapped up in some legal trouble after allegedly attacking a security guard in Mississippi.

Sometime last year, the Louisiana rapper and his crew were hanging out at Edgewater Mall in Biloxi before being formally told to leave the premises. Instead of following the orders, Boosie went on shopping, attempting to enter the mall’s Dillard’s.

Glen Kerley, the security guard on duty that day, reportedly was provoked by Boosie, with the rapper attempting to get Kerley to attack him. In efforts to deescalate the situation, according to Kerley, he pepper sprayed Boosie.

Boosie’s retaliation — which was so severe Kerley ended up in the hospital afterwards — is the reason the artist is getting sued, according to The Blast.

Glen Kerley

Boosie Badazz Accused of Assault and Battery

Source: Instagram @officialboosieig

The outlet reports that Glen Kerley is suing Boosie for assault and battery, civil conspiracy, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress. According the suit, after Kerley used pepper stray in attempts to tone things down, Boosie and his entourage collectively attacked him.

He claims he didn’t fight back before saying that when he tried to arrest Boosie, the rapper continued to physically assault him. Kerley alleges that he was dragged along the cement of the mall parking lot before being taken to the nearest hospital.

The terms of Kerley’s lawsuit weren’t disclosed, and neither were the terms of Boosie’s lawsuit. On March 27, the rapper filed a suit against Edgewater Mall, Biloxi’s police department and Dillard’s.

On Boosie’s part, he says he was only asked to leave because a crowd of fans formed around him. He alleged that Kerley became “irate” before pepper spraying him.

Settling Beefs

Boosie Badazz Accused of Assault and Battery

Source: Instagram @iamkevingates

This news comes after Kevin Gates and Boosie hashed their beef out. The two are on good terms for the first time this decade and it’s all thanks to Boosie looking to throw a concert.

In January of this year, Boosie said he called up Gates and is hoping to clear everything so that the rapper can play his Boosie Bash concert.

“Talked to Gates earlier,” Boosie says. “Trying to get that boy to come to that Boosie Bash. Tryin’ to pull it off for him. Gotta let the man travel. Man gotta pay his taxes.”

Kevin Gates and Boosie have had bad blood since 2009 when it was rumored that Boosie was involved with the death of Gates’ affiliate Nussie. Boosie was found not guilty but the bad vibes remained. Both rappers and their crews got into it years later at Louisville’s Derby Takeover Pt. 2.

Doing Better

Boosie Badazz Accused of Assault and Battery

Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

It could be that Boosie is tired of having so many enemies. He seems to make new ones every time he opens his mouth. All of his Instagram posts seem to carry the innate ability to start s**t. His retrograde attitudes are typically spread quickly for the backlash to begin nearly instantaneously.

Take, for example, his recent homophobic post about the city of Atlanta.

“Pray for Atlanta. It’s flooded with down low n**gas,” the photo he posted read.

The caption went into further detail, really wedging Boosie’s foot in his mouth. “National guard is needed asaps**t crazy frfr all y’all trying to move to the Atl smh f**king dat city up more n more frfr then all y’all infected with HIV want to move to the A feeling they can start over n a place don’t nobody know them at smh sad s/o to the real n**gas I f**k with n the Atl ,” he wrote.

Commenters on the post took him to task over the words and let him know that he was protesting too much.

“I’’ll be glad when you finally address the man who molested you as a child,” wrote @thereal_don_dada. “Lol you’re worried more about DL n**gas and gay men than women and actual gay men are worried about them. The saying goes ‘you hate what you are’. Just never seen a straight man talk more about gay n*ggas than p**sy.”

“Your post about gay people make you mad suspect,” added @jarrodgillespie. “Traits of a dl man.”

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