Boosie Badazz Claims The LGBTQ+ Community Is Bullying Him

Boosie Badazz says he’s the victim of LGBTQ+ bullying because he “speaks up for straight people.” He vented about his experiences dealing with the community on Instagram Live, on Sunday. He says queer users on social media often come into his stream and accuse him of being gay.

“No gay sh*t? Bro y’all bullies, bruh,” he said. “I guess I’m the only one who speak up for straight people, so I’m gay. Anybody who speak up for straight people, y’all say gay. Sh*t be crazy. Y’all done bullied the whole world. Athletes, rappers scared to say they straight. Rappers and athletes scared to even say they like women. They scared they gon’ get bullied, bro. Y’all done bullied the whole world. Except me. Except me!”

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Boosie Badazz Attends Knicks-Hawks Game

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – NOVEMBER 15: Rapper, Boosie reacts while court side during the New York Knicks game against the Atlanta Hawks at State Farm Arena on November 15, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)

Boosie continued: “I’ll blow y’all asses down. You know me. But y’all done bullied all the athletes, all the rappers. They can’t even say they like pussy. Y’all can come into my Live and call me whatever. You can call me that because you know I’m not that and I’m not cool with it being pushed on the kids. But you can come on my Live. I’ma try to block you but so many y’all be coming on my Live calling me gay just ’cause I don’t like dick. The sh*t crazy.”

Boosie has gone at the LGBTQ+ community on a number of occasions throughout the years. More recently, he faced backlash for calling out Lil Nas X over his single, “J CHRIST,” as well as for his criticism of the film, The Color Purple. Be on the lookout for further updates on Boosie Badazz on HotNewHipHop.

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