Boosie Badazz Raps "Better Not Fight" During Brawl At Concert

Rap concerts can have a tendency to get a little rowdy, and sometimes fights can break out. Luckily for Baton Rouge rapper Boosie Badazz, when I fight broke out at one of his recent shows, he had the perfect song for the occasion.

As seen in an Instagram video of his performance, two women begin to throw hands in the middle of one of Boosie’s songs. Boosie immediately stops the performance, and rather than trying to separate the two of them, has his DJ cue on one of his hood classics, “Better Not Fight,” which features Webbie, Lil Trill, and Foxx.

The rest of the crowd instantly cues in, rapping along to the song as security manages to successfully pull the two women apart. Rather than let the incident spoil the show, Boosie kept the train rolling, turning it into a playful moment of the show, rather than an upsetting one.

Neither of the women seemed seriously injured by their scuffle, and the rest of the performance presumably continued as normal.

Ever since Boosie’s release from prison, he’s been accepted back into the rap game with open arms, even going so far as to settle longstanding beefs with artists such as Kevin Gates, who also dealt with an incarceration of his own.

At the very least, fans of Boosie Badazz know what to do if they really want to hear “Better Not Fight” at his upcoming shows. Check out the footage of the scrap during the performance down below.

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