Bow Wow Defends Lil Tay's Antics: "It's How She Feeds Her Family"

Bow Wow would roll out a carpet if Lil Tay were available to take his Bow Wow Challenge when it reaches the production phase sometime in the future. Bow Wow is making the most of the unfortunate events that landed him endless ridicule at the hands of Internet trolls. Bow Wow was caught making an audacious claim, when in fact, the contents of his post were a direct copy-paste from an uncredited source. Since then, “the Bow Wow challenge” has been synonymous with getting caught in the act with your pants at ankle level. 

Knowing full well what it’s like to be a talking head with Mouseketeer potential, Bow Wow reserves a soft spot for media sensation Lil Tay. In conversation with TMZ, he defended her right to provide for her family, even if it comes at the cost of self-regard. Bow Wow was in Marrieta, Georgia shooting a music video for his upcoming album due next week. Two days ago, Lil Tay was exposed by her mother’s ex-employer as an “Internet Fraud” (as if we didn’t know). Lil Tay was reportedly using the boss’ Mercedes-Benz in her Social Media posts and he didn’t take kindly to the misrepresentation. Bow Wow probably remembers the fateful evening when he drove out in a rented Ferrari, pretending it was his very own car. The rental company then caught wind of his posturing, and exposed him Instagram. The post quickly went viral, exposing an element of financial sadness we did not expect out of the former child star.

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