Bow Wow On "Gossip" Post Erratic Outburst: "Opinions Are Not Your Problem"

Bow Wow seemed to have gone through some kind of tumultuous episode last week. Many were concerned about the rapper’s erratic behaviour on social media in which he seemed to express wanting to make drastic changes in his life, including quitting music, working at GameStop and giving away all of his money. Thankfully, the source of his troubles seems to have subsided.

Shad Moss hopped on Instagram with his most chill post since his slew of emotionally-charged uploads. He shared a message of encouragement for those facing opposition from external sources, seemingly addressing the criticism he received after his digital outburst.

Bow Wow also opted for an extensive social media content purge. Many of the posts that caused concerned have been deleted. The screenshot of his giving away $500 remains. His GameStop aspirations appear to have been a simple phase.

The artist is back on his grind as he prepares for the So So Def tour, the same string of shows he seemed to have wanted to quit during last week’s episode.

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