Bow Wow Opens Up About Damn Near Everything In His "Last Radio Interview"

For those who enjoy Bow Wow‘s antics, this is the interview for you. Consider it a parting gift, as it seems like the rapper will be dipping from the radio scene for a minute. In honor the departure, Shad Moss blessed the Breakfast Club with a tell-all conversation, in which the bulk of his antics were discussed. From the Bow Wow challenge, to the alleged knockout video, to the Death Row rumors, to the suicidal rumors. All of it.

For all the older readers out there, Bow Wow actually comes through with some interesting history about his come-up on Death Row, including the time he received his first chain from Suge Knight. During the conversation, there’s an oddly comedic moment when Charlamagne asks Bow Wow if he ever ghostwrote for Snoop Dogg, despite being a mere seven years old. Bow Wow laughs it off, dispelling the bizarre rumor immediately. “Kurupt was writing my shit!” he laughs. “I never ghostwrote for Dogg.” 

During his alleged last radio interview, Bow Wow proceeds to keep it real, opening up about a variety of topics, from the Bow Wow challenge to his recent alarming tweets. He adamantly professes that he never actually claimed to “run Ohio,” claiming he’s been living in Atlanta since ten. Proceeding to address his seemingly endless line of headlines, Bow Wow claims the video of him being “knocked out” by a Future associate was a miscommunication, and one that happened seven months ago. He defends his honor, insisting that he never threw dirt on Future’s name in the first place (around the six minute mark).

For much more from Moss, be sure to peep the interview in its entirety, should you have an hour to dedicate to the Bow Wow narrative.

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