Brandy Loves Seeing LGBTQIA+ Artists Making Waves In Hip Hop

Brandy recently chatted with “The Advocate” about LGBTQIA+ representation in hip hop, and she’s happy to see the progression in today’s culture.

For the first time in hip hop history, multiple LGBTQIA+ artists are finding chart-topping success. While there have been gay or queer artists in hip hop in the past, never has there been a time in the genre’s history where rappers are coming forward, unapologetically, about their sexuality. Artists like , Big Freedia, , 070 Shake, Saul Williams, Syd the Kid, , and depending on who you ask, , have all openly shared their personal lives with fans. There has been an unprecedented amount of support shown to these artists, and singer is happy to see the progression.

Brandy Loves Seeing LGBTQIA+ Artists Making Waves In Hip Hop
Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

“I feel like love is the most important magic that we have in life, and wherever there’s love, that’s where I want to be,” she recently told The Advocate. “I feel like it’s important for everybody to feel loved and everybody to feel like they are accepted and they have a family of people, that we can all come together and be one person. . I’m thankful for that. I’m thankful for the love that we all can share together.”

“I feel like this is a great time to be yourself and to be accepted,” Brandy added of the shift that hip hop is experiencing with the visibility of LGBTQIA+ artists. “.” Watch Brandy chat with The Advocate in full below.


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