Brandy's 'Baby Mama' Video Feat. Chance the Rapper: Watch

Happy Mother’s Day to Brandy!

The songstress, mom to 17-year-old Sy’rai, is celebrating the holiday a week early with a new video for her single “Baby Mama.” The clip, released Monday (May 4), shows Brandy basically just being a boss woman in an amazing plaid suit.

“Whole world lookin’ at me, single mama / This song ain’t just for me, it’s for every mama, yeah / Every day I breathe, it’s for my little mama / I’m every women and a baby mama,” she preaches in the infectious R&B hook.

Chance the Rapper, who has two daughters of his own, hops in for a verse respecting the world’s independent women. “I know it’s hard when your baby mama don’t want you / Especially if she don’t need you / Especially if she used to feed you / Especially if she used to keep you / Especially if you used to cheat too / Wait come and think of it, she didn’t never really need you,” he raps.

Watch the video below.